June 25, 2013

Ask the Water Filter experts

HI New Zealand

Im Dave the filter guy now you can buy water filters direct from this website To either install yourself or have me come out and install.We will only stock high quality products to insure you the very best in drinking water quality and at great prices direct to the public. Feel free to post on our blog here if you have any questions on your water problem as we have a team of water experts that know how to treat water. For interesting good reading  post your question up on our blog for us to answer, so others to see how to solve their water issues.

Also as this is a new Water filter website we will be tweeking and updating to make finding your filter product easier.



Sarah said:

Hi there,
Really like the “cleanliness” of your site, it makes for very easy viewing.
My water is supplied via a rain fed water tank and I am wondering which filter cartridges would you suggest for drinking water?


davi jenner said:

Thanks for your enquiry if you are wanting a system for drinking water that has a seperate tap we suggest our APP78 kit which includes a k5430bb filter. This filter has been specially treated with silver so bacteria cannot grow inside the filter. Also it has a 1 micron filter screen which will reduce guardia, and water cysts down to 99.9%.
I will be putting up the APP78 install kits for sale soon along with the replacement cartridges for when replacement is required.(2yr life)
Many thanks for your comments and we are glad you like the site. Ill notify you via email when the update has been made.

David Jenner

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