EcoSoft RO replacements

EcoSoft aquasoft aquacalcium


Stages of filtration:

  1. The initial stage removes sediment, such as rust and silt, using the 5 micron PP sediment filter. 
  2. The second stage neutralizes chlorine, organic and organochlorine compounds, such as, pesticides, dioxides, etc. As a result, the taste, color and odor of water is improved.
  3. The third stage fine cleans the water of mechanical and organic impurities. 
  4. Reverse osmosis occurs in the fourth stage. The pre-cleaned water under pressure is passed through a membrane. Then the purified water is fed to the next stage of filtration, and pollution that has passed through the membrane is discharged into the sewage.
  5. The aqua calcium mineralization filter is found in the fifth stage. It further purifies the water and saturates the water with calcium, which is highly recommended for teenagers and the elderly.
  6. The final stage clears water of any lingering impurities using the coconut shell carbon post filter. 

-DOW Filmtec™ (USA)  is a leader in the field of reverse osmosis technology

-6 stages of water purification, including calcium enrichment of water