Whole House Filtration TFGWH86-TWIN brackish water



Large 20" filter housings complete with pressure gauges.

Large so that the filters will last 2yrs (max) 

Large so that they can handle high water demand and still remove the dirt and sediment.

Also removes dirt and sediment down to 1 micron.

  Filter all the water to every tap in the house Great for bathing and drinking filtered water at a high flow rate.

Alson included 

1 x 20micron pleated 20” cartridge

1 x 1 micron depth filter for fine sediment removal.

bracket and pressure gauges to tell if filters are dirty.

Filter last for 1yr and replacements can be done with our friendly service or we show you how to replace them.



  • Metal reduction
  • Quality water standard world wide WQA
  • Quality Filters/Fittings from USA, 
  • Expert Installation
  • FREE CALLOUT, and loyalty Service Warrantee

For a basic installation. Auckland home show special available at the show only 

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