UV Dynamics MR240-20

Is your home or business On Tank Water?

Either from rain water, stream water supply.

Do you want the best quality water?

How about from every tap in the home, pure clean, with no bacteria or viruses.

UV system are the most effective at disinfecting the water as you use it.

Don't risk drinking untreated water any more.

UV Dynamics Ultraviolet disinfection systems will filter any water to NEw Zealand Drinking Standards.


The best in UV water filtration from UV Dynamics direct to you from Wholesale Filters. This system is capable of 50ltrs per Min more than enough for 2-3 bathroom home.

The latest from UV Dynamics made in Canada.


Twin 10" jumbo housings with step filtration

1 x Watts Pleated Washable 20 Micron 20" x 4.5" cartridge. Code WPC20FF975

1 x Aqua Pro Poly Spun Depth Filter 20-1Micron 20" x 4.5" cartridge. Code APP1045-1

1 x UV240-20  UV Dynamics 50ltr UV sterilizer unit complete with connections.

1 x UV Bulb

1 x Power-pack (single phase)

1 x Surge Protector

A complete UV system all on one rack with only 2 connection inlet and outlet making installation a breeze. This far out rates other units that are modular and require extra plumbing and fittings to join each separate part together.

Both ports are 20mm female for inlet and male for outlet.

This will sterilize bacteria from your water giving you 99.9% bacteria free water, these systems are commonly found in commercial businesses to provide safe drinking water and now we are able to offer these at the best rate possible direct to the consumer.