Under Bench System Installed Special

Aquapro super special Under bench system with filter tap.

We are offering an installed system to the Auckland area this month.

Featuring the Aqupra quick change filter system and your tap of choice.


  • Aquapro quick change filter, change the filter easily yourself.
  • Great tasting Chlorine free water
  • Heavy metal reduction from the water. Mercury, Carbofuran, Asbestos, P-Dichlorobenzene, Lead,Cysts,Atrazine.
  • Bacteriostatic, wont breed bacteria in the filter cartridge.
  • Filters Sediment/Dirt down to <1 micron
  • 12 month filter life
  • Fully installed price
  • 3 Taps to choose from

Great value for money and great tasting healthy water.