Pentek GS-210 Extra,KDF/GAC Preimun Quality

Pentek's premium inline water filter for under bench systems. Made in the USA

This filter is amazing producing over 47000ltrs of chlorine free water.

This can replace any under-bench system if your thinking of upgrading, as fits all standard under-sink tubing and incorporates the quick change connections for easy of removing and installing.

The main difference compared to other filter products this carbon is made from Coconut which removes all chlorine's.

Unlike bituminous coal used in cheaper filters. The main feedback we receive from our customers is the quality of taste, most say the water tastes sweeter!

Also this filter incorporates kdf/gac which removes heavy metals from the water produced, giving you more healthier drinking water. This also makes the filter bacteria static which stops bacteria from growing in the filter.

  • KDF / gac (Granular Activated Coconut Carbon)
  • Bacteria static
  • 1 micron
  • Coconut carbon
  • 47000ltrs

Brand Pentek made in the USA

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Need and installer we recommend "The Filter Guy Ltd" covering the greater Auckland region.