NIT-10 Upgrade Kit fluoride removal

The kit can be added to any under-bench system to remove fluoride and nitrate from the water.

The kit comes with

  • 1 x APP9 NSF 10" standard housing for the new filter
  • 2 x John Guest quick-change threaded nuts.
  • Bracket for attaching to the wall (if needed )
  • 1 x NIT-10 Fluoride reduction cartridge. Replacements click here.

Just cut into the existing line from the water supply to your current chlorine removal filter and insert the tubing into the inlet of the housing. Run the water through the filter into a bucket to wash the new filter for about 2 minutes. Then connect the other outlet to the other filter under the bench.

Softens the water and many people say makes the water taste even better. Added advantage of fluoride removal and nitrate removal. Cartridges should be replaced once a year.