Motorhome / Batch 12 volt UV Underbench system.

The latest from Pentek .. a 12v UV sterilizer for the Motor-home or home's on low 12 volt  power supply.

Now you can enjoy health water that has been filtered down to .5 micron and UV sterilized.

The unique design of the UV has whats called double pass, so the water when traveling through the filter must travel to the bottom of the UV glass and then back ensuring proper disinfection.

Approx 300mm high x 115mm plus power pack. With 1'2" threaded in and out lets.

12volt power supply powers a 40w uv bulb

Contents supplied

1 UV and cartridge housing

1 x 12v Power pack

1 x Pentek CBU-10 (details below)

2 x (26/gm) 1/2" to 12mm Quick connect fittings.

With these fittings it can be installed inline to the mixer tap at the kitchen of the Motor-home. If you would like to install the UV under-bench system with a separate filter tap please refer to our tap selection for other tap options.

Many places are reverting to solar power with backup batteries, this unit will be a great power saving device for delivering healthy drinking water free of bacteria.

Pentek CBU-10  1 Micron carbon block water filter.

Temperature range 40-180°F

Reduces fine sediment, chlorine taste and odor, and protozoan cysts in residential drinking water

Nominal filtration rating of 0.5 micron

Carbon block filter surrounds the quartz UV lamp sleeve

Pre-filter for Pentek UV-110 and UVS-110 Ultraviolet Systems

can be used on town or tank water application.

For safe removal of bacteria from the water.

10" x 2.5"

This Pentek CBU-10 carbon block filter cartridge for ultraviolet (UV) systems reduces fine sediment, chlorine taste and odor, and protozoan cysts in residential drinking water. It has a nominal filtration rating of 0.5 micron at an efficiency of 85%. The cartridge surrounds the quartz UV lamp sleeve in Pentek UV-110 and UVS-110 ultraviolet water treatment systems to provide prefiltration that assures maximum transmittance of UV light through the water. It has a maximum operating temperature of 180 degrees F (82.3 degrees C). This carbon filter cartridge is for use in residential drinking water purification.

Genuine Pentek Water filters. "Warning" beware of imitations as some resellers are using Pentek product codes on cheap imitations that do not have the correct micron rating. Ask for Pentek water filters with manufactures labeling for quality water filtration.

Pentair manufactures industrial, commercial, and residential water filtration components and systems. The company, founded in 1966 and headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, meets International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards 9001 and 14001 for quality assurance. 

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