Mixer Tap Filter unit.

Want a quality water filter but dont want another tap on your kitchen bench.

Filter all the cold water that comes out of your existing mixer tap.

D I Y Kit includes

  • 10" standard filter housing and bracket. Which takes industry standard filters available every where
  • 1/2" quick connectors (15mm) for easy cartridge change 3 x Male 15mm to 3/8 tube 2 x Female 15mm to 3/8 tube    2 x quick connect elbows.
  • Stainless steel screws x 2 
  • Pentek 1 micron filter for the best tasting water, just like bottled water. Filter life 1-2yrs
  • 5 ft flexi quick connect hose for connecting  the filter to your mixer cold water supply


Here is a typical filter for a Mixer Tap application.

What youll need.

  1. Tread seal tape
  2. Spanner, adjustable wrench.
  3. Strong scissors
  4. Screw driver

How to :

Open package and make sure you have all the parts.

Turn on the hot tap and run some hot water. When hot water is coming out of the mixer tap check with your hand on the braided hoses under the sink to feel which one is hot. Now you know which of your mixer taps braided hoses is the cold supply.

Turn off the water to the home.

Run the cold tap to make sure the water has been turned off completely.

Fix 2 x male 15mm to 3/8 to the housing using thread seal tape.

Fix bracket to filter housing, be sure to check the in let and out let marks on the top of the filter housings.

Undo the cold water braided hose from the wing back on the back wall of your kitchen cabinet.

Fix female 15mm to 3/8's fitting to the wing back, push tube into the the fitting and it will lock automatically.

Fit male 15.mm to 3/8's to the braided hose threaded nut.

Now connect the hose to the inlet and outlet of the filter and screw the filter to the wall, if you need 90deg angle please use the 3/8's elbows provided.

Turn on water supply and check for leaks, run water for 3 min before drinking. Some bubbles will give the water a cloudy look this will disappear soon with use.