LED UV Under bench system 24v DC

LED UV lamp Under-bench 24V DC system with pre filter included.

Energy saving LED lights at the UVC wave length to kill bacteria and viruses.

Safe potable drinking water every time you take a glass of water from the all new LED UV. 

Flow rate 4 lpm

New Product from "The Filter Guy" (www.thefilterguy.co.nz)

Quick Connect fittings to suit any motor home or caravan plumbing system.

Just let us know the od of the plumbing or take a photo of the writing on the side of the tubes and well supply these free with every kit. Free installation advice given for easy fitting..

24 v DC power pack included  for easy connection to the power.

Pre filter to give that great tasting water and Guardia safe ensuring crystal clear water prior to entering the UV system.

Clips to hang on the wall out of the way.

Long life UV 20000 hours run time.