Anti bacterial "Easy Upgarde" Filter and Housing deal

The perfect match to anyones exisiting water filter system at the kitchen bench.

Fit the 3 G housing with the MG10mcb Filter and this combo will 

  • Reduces particles as small as 0.15 micron in size by mechanical means
  • Membrane filtration provides 99.9999% reduction of bacteria and 99.9999% reduction of virus by mechanical means
  • Combined carbon block and sediment pre-filtration for extended life and chlorine taste and odor reduction
  • Utilizes highly asymmetric polyethersulfone membrane with proprietary hydrophilic formulation for immediate wetting and high flow
  • Double o-ring end cap seals for absolute sealing in Pentair Pentek 3G housings
  • No electrical power required
  • Retains natural mineral content of water

Perfect NZ Drinking Standards quality water.

If you have an existing water filter system with a separate tap on the kitchen bench.

Just install this directly after your filter on the pipe going to the tap.

This will instantly upgrade the quality of water to NZ Drinking standards, completely safe.

No chance of getting sick.

All the fittings are compatible with 1/4" tubing , the most common filter tubing size used.

Happy to take calls on installation


EPA EST. NO. 086074-NH-001

 More details on the filter. Click Here