Aquapro Hand Held UV surface sanitiser. HHUV120-pro

Aquapro UV sanitiser for all surface in the house.

We have available this Proto type UV hand held light to sterilise surfaces.

Im using this daily and encourage anyone who wants extra sanitiser without the chemicals. 

Cation UV rays are powerful.


Please note precautions must be adhered to as the UV radiation can cause skin irritations. Also you must wear full body clothing, gloves and any type of sunglasses or reading glasses  while using the device.

All parts are available and we can ship these now.

US treatment in water has been in New Zealand removing bacteria and virus making the water safe to drink.

In this application we want to UV sterilise surfaces in the home, including wallets, credit cards, cash, car keys, and any parcels that maybe delivered during this time.


1 x UV Aquapro lamp

1 x UV Dynamics crystal sleeve

I x Aquapro UV end cap with Orings.

1 x Uv 12gpm ballist 220v to 40w

1 x 40mm PVC pipe pre cut

1 x 40mm PVC end cap

1x 40mm PVC valve socket

1 x 40/25 reducing hex nipple.

Bacteria Virus kill rate. 40MJ/cm

Hold 3-6 inch away from surfaces and hold on object for 3-5 sec.

Only surfaces will be effected by the uv light, so pre cleaning is suggested on dirty surfaces.

UV light is proven to kill bacteria and viruses on exposure.

Sunlight is strong enough to kill scabies and other micro organisiums.

A great replacement instead of using chemicals and is very effective.