Fluoride Nitrate and chlorine removal system

App77a and fluoride Nitrate removal 10” cartridge.

For the really great tasting filtered water and fluoride removal, all in one complete install kit.

his is our premium grade Pentek GS210 under bench install kit everything you need for the best in drinking water at home.

And our dedicated fluoride and Nitrate removal filter made from high quality food grade ionic resin to attract nitrates and fluoride.

No other cartridge comes close to this with an amazing 47,000 Ltrs of the best tasting drinking water you can find at home at the turn of the tap.

Also our special food grade resin that remove fluoride

The complete kit comes with.

  • Water feed connection 1 x 20mm (3/4") Dishwasher fitting "T" with ball valve. 1 x 15mm (1/2") "T" with ball valve for flexible hose to the miser tap. 1 x Saddle valve suited for all other connections , copper tube plastic pipe up to 15mm.
  • 5ft of quick connect flexible hose
  • Pressure reducing valve.
  • 2 x John Guest quick connect fittings for the filter.
  • GS210 extra Commercial grade Filter. Filter details click here.
  • NIT10 Ionic exchange resin fluoride filter. Click here
  • 27/AR Filter Tap(comes with boss kit and related install components.

If you require a different tap please look at our tap range and on checkout please make a note to us regarding which type of tap you require. Codes for each tap are in the description.

This will deliver quality water free of nasty smells and chlorine taste, will also remove heavy metals as well.

Better than bottled water.

* Please note display picture shows item in its display pack, couriered units will not be sent in this way.