Pentek C2 (5.0 Micron)

Pentek C2  5.0 Micron (nominal)

Temperature range 40-125°F

Reduces: Chlorine Taste & Odor, Bad taste & odor, Sediment.

Ideal for slow flow situations or high sediment applications.

Usually this size is found in motorhomes or areas where there is very little room for a larger water filter.

5" x 2.5"

replacement cartridge fot the, Matrix CTO 5 Micron, Pentek CBC 5

Genuine Pentek Water filters. "Warning" beware of imitations as some resellers are using Pentek product codes on cheap imitations that do not have the correct micron rating. Ask for Pentek water filters with manufactures labeling for quality water filtration.

Pentair manufactures industrial, commercial, and residential water filtration components and systems. The company, founded in 1966 and headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, meets International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards 9001 and 14001 for quality assurance.

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