Boron quick check test kit.

Quick Snap shot test kits. A rapid colour test to check if you have boron in your Water. Colour indicates the amount of boron present in ppm from 0 to 100. Costa play if there is still boron in your water before sending off for an analysis that is much more expensive laboratory lab testing.

50 tests in a box for $400 that’s two dollars a test some Laboratories costing up to $40 a test great money saver if you need to adjust your filtration equipment before sending a sample off

small test tube kits seal packages to keep moisture out and sunlight this keeps viral ready to go just add sample water to the line approximately 10 mil to 15 mil shake add two drops of the activator kept back on shake again until all powder is dissolved and wait three minutes. Photos represented here on the website was from a test the bbore in question had boron at 4.8 BPM and after reverse osmosis you can see the left-hand side has a very different colour than the right hand side at the moment that the system is still working  Or not at a moment glance. Grateful remote locations out of the field there’s no batteries required and test are done within three minutes simple and easy that anybody could use.