4 stage RO / DI Aquarium system

Aquarium 4 stage RO/DI filtration unit.

Kit includes :

1 x Filters and filter housings for a 4 stage RO/DI Aquarium set up.

1 x 5 micron pre filter poly spun filter

1 x Aquapro 1 micron carbon block filter

1 x Pentek membrane 75gpm membrane filter

1 x DI resin 1 ltr mixed bed

Manual membrane flush option included

Water supply connection kit.

Optional extras are a TDS meter for checking the quality of the water.

Assembled in New Zealand.

The Reverse Osmosis process removes more than 98% of both positive ions (cations) and negative ions ( anions).Organics removal, along with Chlorine and Chlorine By-Products removal,is achieved using and Activated Carbon Pre-treatment step.The final stage is Mixed Bed Deionisation,to completely remove the balance of all ions. Resultant water purity is in the vicinity of ‹1 microsiemens.