Aquapro Shower filter unit

Chlorine in town water supply is actually very harsh on our skin. It robs the skin of its natural vitamin E and is absorbed though the
skins pores easily while in a hot shower or bath. Many people suffering from skin problems find they are very difficult to get rid of
because every time they have a shower the chlorine irritates the skin making problem areas dry and red again.
Filtering the water at the shower is one step you can take that is effect and inexpensive.
Activated carbon, magnetic bands and ceramic balls are just part of the full flow filter that dose not affect the flow rate of your shower.
Kdf which is also in the filter will reduce heavy metal present in the water as well.

People who are serious about looking after their skin
should have one of these filters in their shower.
These are very easy to install and we can guide you though the
installation process as no plumbing is involved.
However if you are in the Auckland area we will come out and install for you.