Aquapro RO 5 pack

These suit our Aquapro RO APP84 5 stage RO system.

For a complete refurbishment of your RO system this all the filter you need for the Aquapro RO system.'

1 x 30-AE Pentek  Reverse Osmosis Membrane.

1 x NFL-PP Pre Sediment Filter, Gradual 5 micron pre filter which provide high reject of dirt and sediment particles. Life rate is 4000ltrs.

1 x NFL-CB Pre Carbon Filter High absorption of chlorine, Odors and organic contaminants.

Life rate 4000Ltrs

1 x NFL-AC  Carbon Filter. Coconut carbon post filter to ensure prefect tasting water high chlorine Odor and color rejection.

1 x AIC 2 post carbon filter.

Special price for the 5 filters.

membrane will remove 1080 from the water supply making it safe to drink from.

link to the full system


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