App999a 6 stage automatic RO/DI unit.

APP999 Fully automatic 6 stage RO/DI Unit with enclosure.

1500 Liters Per Day!

For absolute pure water production for your aquarium, the APP999 (new improved model) delivers pure water to less than 2 TDS. This unit has every thing.

The Reverse Osmosis process removes more than 98%
of both positive ions (cations) and negative ions ( anions).Organics removal, along with Chlorine and Chlorine By-Products removal,is achieved using Activated Carbon Pre-treatment step. Resultant water purity is in the vicinity of ‹1 microsiemens.
  • Pre filtration using a APS 999 Sediment Prefilter
  • Filtration using a APC 999 carbon block
  • Anti scale AIH Filter
  • Reverse Osmosis through a TFC Membrane (Pentek, Made in the USA)
  • Fully Automatic
  • Low pressure sensor and auto cut off valve.
  • Tank Full Auto Shut Off, and quick connect Pressure Float Valve
  • Booster Pump 220v
  • RO Membrane 400GPD
  • Faucet and Installation Kit for you option to have as RO Water dispencer.

For the production of pure water for aquariums, this is the new improved model complete with enclosure box. Please refer to last picture for reference to the older model.

All prices inc GST Free delivery rural destinations will incur additional charges.

All filters used are Pentek brand NSF rated .