APP84 5 Stage RO System

Aqua Pro Reverse Osmosis Quick Change System.

 Conserned about 1080 poison. ?

R O membrane techknowledgy will saftely remove 1080 poison from Aucklands water source.


Packed full of features the reverse osmosis system delivers the technology to provide 99% pure water free of all contaminants.




Effective removal of fluoride, arsenic and other nasty contaminants, and other difficult to remove all contaminants. and fluoride removal approx 98-99%.



  • 5 stage filter system
  • 1. Sediment Filter Cartridge 5 micron (NLF-PP)
  • 2. Granular Activated Carbon Cartridge (NLF-AC)

  • 3. Carbon Block prefilter 10  micron (NLF-CB)

  • 4. Reverse Osmosis Membrane

  • 5. Post Granular inline cartridge (AJ-C2)

  • USA Patented Reverse Osmosis Membrane
  • Full install Kit with everything to install in your home or business.
  • Includes filter tap as per photo
  • Large 12 ltr storage tank
  • Aqua Pro Quick change pre filters DIY
  • NSF rated

 Special discounts can be made while buying 3 pre filters at a time at this link. 

Yearly pre filter costs $135-00 for 3 filters.!

WHY AquaPRO RO systems.

If you want a filtration system to saftley remove Metals such as Arsnic, Iron, Lead Flouride etc

RO System do not capture these metals within the filter, however rejects them to the kitchen waste drain pipe.

A clean system all the time no mater how much water it has processed.!

Changing filter cartridges has never been easier, shut off the water supply and unscrew. Thats it.

Need and installer we recommend "The Filter Guy Ltd" covering the greater Auckland region.