APP68 Deionising System 2 Stage Purification

Organics removal along with Chlorine and Chlorine By-Products removal is
achieved using an Activated Carbon pre-treatment step.
The final stage is Mixed Bed Deionisation to completely remove all ions.
Resultant water purity is in the vicinity of 1 microseimens.
Stage One:
Filtration using a 10 micron Carbon Cartridge.
Stage Two:
Deionising Mixed Bed Resin (Indicating.)


What you get in the package.

2 x housings and bracket one opaque and one clear so you can see the indicating resin.

1 x carbon filter 10 micron

1ltr Mixed bed Resin

Tubing for inlet is the Blue 1/4" and a 20mm threaded fitting which will fit all outside taps and even dishwash taps under the kitched sink.

Out let soft tubing to run the treated water to a bucket of directly to your tank.