50 and 20 micron" Jumbo twin pack



The 20" Jumbo Twin Pack consists of the following 2 products

1 x WPC50FF20Watts pleated 20 Micron  "Made in the USA.

1 x WPC20FF20 pleaked 20 Micron NSF rated



Details501 x WPC20FF20 Watts pleated 20 Micron  "Made in the USA.


1 x WPC20FF20 Watts pleated 50 Micron  "Made in the USA.Made from High quality durable fabric so this sediment filter can be washed several times on a regular basis, prolonging the need to buy more replacements.

Size 20" x 4 1/2" or 50cm x 11.43cm commonly known as the 20" jumbo used for POE (point of entry) filtration going into a home or business.

Also used as a pre filter for a lower micron sized filter. Having a double combination this will produce high quality cleaner water and filters that can last longer as properly matched up in a step formation.

Replacement filter to the: Davey Filter Pure 20PP10J, Taylors Unicell 10BPF20, Aquadynamics Fluitech 10JPL20



1 x PPS2045-1 Gradient density 25-1 Micron NSF rated

Size 20" x 4 1/2" or 50cm x 11.43 commonly known as the 20" jumbo used for high flow rate applications.

This has been properly matched incorporating the Watts 20 micron pre filter and the Aquapro  gradient 1 micron filter this  will deliver  high quality water with health benefits.

Replacement filter for Davey Filter Pure 1PS10J, Taylors Unicell 10BPX01, Aquadynamics Fluitech 10JPS1,


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