27AP Aquapro 3 Way Tap and Filter kit

A great space saving tap, no need for an extra filtered water tap on the bench. The Aqua-pro 3 way has 2 nozzle's for dispensing water. The first is the unfiltered water which the tap is used in the normal way, the second is the lower valve at the base which is turned to dispense filtered water through the second nozzle.

This eliminates the need for a second tap and means you can put a high quality filter on the unit and have filters last longer.

Comes complete with,

  • 3 Way Tap with all brackets, braided hoses and boss kit to install (10mm Braided female )
  • 3yr Filter cartridge that removes heavy metals from the water, and provides great tasting water for the full 3 years!
  • water supply connectors for the filter system to draw water from under the bench.

Amazing value and high quality product, if your designing your new kitchen or need a mixer tap upgrade and looking for a filter system then this is the unit for you. Everything you need to install.