Reverse Osmosis the industry standard filtration to produce pure water.

If your serious about pure water R/O (reverse osmosis) technology is for you, introducing membrane filtration to separate contaminants from the water.

A 98%-99% reduction of contaminants from the inlet water supply. An R/O membrane can produce 300 ltrs  per day and up to 55,000 ltrs + if needed, if you require a large amount of R/O water that isn't listed here we will give you info and a specialized quote on a system that can.

Here is a common large sized RO Membrane breakdown for you to see whats involved in the water filtration process.

As you can see R/O technology is even used in desalinization, producing drinking water out off saltwater.

This tech is also used in providing pure water for marine life in combination with d ionizing resin. Please browse through our range of R/O systems to find one that suits your family or fish family needs for really healthy, pure drinking water. Our customers that use R/O filtration include power generation and semiconductor plants, , municipalities, and other commercial and consumer customers.

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