Ozotech PR220-PRO Ozotech

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Improve conditions for employees and customers by making sure foods are handled and sanitized properly using the proven power of natural ozone technology. Reduce harmful pathogens on the surface of food and fresh cut produce to keep food safe and fresher longer, saving you money. Ozone technology is FDA approved and EPA registered. The PR220-PRO system is effective on both whole and further processed produce, plus can be used as a surface sanitizer.



The system has been shown to reduce the pathogens E.coli, Listeria, and Salmonella using produce wash and process water. Water alone does not kill pathogens.

EPA Reg. No. 79424



Studies show ozone destroys microorganisms instantly and effectively without leaving harmful residue in treated food or processing water. Therefore, ozone is proven to be safer and environmentally friendlier than other antimicrobials. For example, lab results show ozone can kill bacteria faster than chlorine.



The system dispenses a 440 mg/hr of sanitizing ozone solution with the option of spraying or submerging the food or produce.



In addition to foods and produce, use the ozone rinse to reduce harmful pathogens on food preparation surfaces throughout the kitchen and serving areas.

Can Ozotech kill coronavirus?

Because the novel coronavirus is so new to us, we are currently doing the tests to confirm that OZOTECH can kill covid-19 and expect to see the results in the coming weeks. What we do know, however, is that Aqueous Ozone is proven to kill tougher viruses than corona virus. Studies on ozone have shown that it is highly effective against lipid-enveloped viruses (of which the Corona virus are categorised as). It is likely that the powerful Aqueous Ozone solution will have a similar impact on the novel coronavirus as the others, and we are confident that the test results will reflect this. We will be sure to update you as soon as we get the official report!


 A PDF is available here.